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Under Water Pelletizer

Under Water Pelletizer Supplier

These machines are predominantly applied for the pelletizing of molten polymer substance. It has the molten polymer substance dispensing from the die holes. These substances are immediately made into pellets through the rotational blades under the water & thus are cooled and hence it is named as under water Pelletizer.

We are the well-known producer of these kinds of extruction machine and are worth of incredible demand in the market of this sector owing to their supreme performance These are very precisely manufactured following the very detail of the designs created by our experts who make them with cut backs eliminated for the normal versions of such machineries in the market. We comprehensively test them out for their quality and performance in a very rigid manner. These machineries are excellently long-lasting as well as offer correct & pelletizing process in a very safe and secured way without losing the effectiveness. The final output of pellets produced is incredibly smooth in its finishing. It yields the pellets without causing dusts. We deal them to our clients at low-prices without compromising on their quality.